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Canyoning – Amazing Fratarica Canyon

Canyoning tour in Slovenia is a „must do outdoor adventure“ when on a holiday in Europe, my friend e-mails me. Canyoning in Fratarica is recommended for adventurous beginners. I’m not quite sure if it’s not too much for me, because I haven’t been to any yet. Apparently some walking experience is a good start… to […]

Bled Canyoning Adventure

With its Alpine background and the well-known island, Bled attracts numerous tourists from all over the world. One simply has to see it to believe in a natural beauty like this and it is a must-do for any tourist, who is traveling in the area. If one is an active researcher of natural beauties, he/she […]

Slovenia – The Art of Canyoning

Canyoning is the ultimate adrenalin adventure. Leaping off waterfalls, sliding down rocks and experiencing forest and river areas that few ever get to see. The fine art of canyoning uses every part of your body and requires all kinds of skills – scrambling, climbing, jumping, sliding, abseiling, swimming and shouting “yeehaa” as often as you […]

2016 Canyoning Season in Slovenia was Great!

Canyoning in Slovenia is one of those activities, which offers an excellent dose of summer adrenaline and exploration, all dependent on the weather, temperatures and water level – its power and height. The best feelings while canyoning are those, when you feel safe in a cool canyon, with a sufficient amount of water running by […]