Bled Canyoning Adventure

With its Alpine background and the well-known island, Bled attracts numerous tourists from all over the world. One simply has to see it to believe in a natural beauty like this and it is a must-do for any tourist, who is traveling in the area. If one is an active researcher of natural beauties, he/she can check out the main Bled tourist attractions in a day: Bled Castle, Bled Island and Vintgar Gorge. For more and deeper research, one has to travel a bit further into the valleys of the Julian Alps, visit the Triglav National Park and drive all the way to Bohinj Lake. If you are at least a bit of a researcher, nature lover and you like to do something wild and sportive around Bled, then canyoning is the right thing for you.


Canyoning is a unique form of movement through a deep and usually winding canyon, full of natural pools, rocky slides and steep walls. It is a safe and comfortable activity, which is appropriate for everyone. I remember well my first canyon exploration with my friends, which was about twenty years ago. I could not even imagine back then, that this activity would someday become so popular. It is said now that if you visit Bled and you are young at heart you must go canyoning. I used to be a canyoning guide a few years back and I met quite a few people who came from far away places and said that they heard it is worth jumping into a canyon for some fun time while staying at Lake Bled. We had the best time and many times became really good friends. Some also extended their stay in the Julian Alps area because they wanted to see more canyons. The situation is similar today, only the guides at Life Adventures have changed, with the young generation taking over.


Today, when summers are getting hotter and hotter, when everything is in abundance, canyoning in Jereka or Grmečica is the right thing to do. This activity accelerates blood flow due to adrenalin, inspires the knack for exploration and the cool Alpine water refreshes ones body and soul. Canyoning in Grmečica is a true summer adventure for it is a natural toboggan, full of deep and mysterious pools, where one is simply in awe with the wonders of the world. The stream has shaped the deep gorge for many years into a natural toboggan. Grmečica surprises at the end with a high jump into the final pool. One can choose a platform – depending on ones courage and love of heights.


Jereka Canyon is a much calmer canyon, but still worth exploring. It is less demanding, but still full of slides and jumps, appropriate for beginners or less experienced, for families and for all who wish to partake in an adventure that requires a middle dose of adrenalin. The most spectacular part of the canyon is the narrow part in the last section of the gorge. There the world is literally turned upside down and some sportive maneuvers are required in order to go through the long toboggan, which takes you down to the last pool.

Bled with its surroundings has many beautiful things to offer, but the best thing to get away from hot summer temperatures and weariness is canyoning, which offers a completely new life experience.

Written by Matej Mejovšek

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