Canyoning in Slovenia

Despite the fact, that I loved to hike in the mountains and explore the valleys, I began canyoning, wandering along the water streams, relatively late. I just had to first climb so many walls and learn well the principles of alpine climbing. Descending down a canyon also demands good knowledge of swimming, as well as all needed neoprene gear and waterproof containers. Yes, it was the year 1994, when the researches of river canyons in Slovenia were reserved for the few. It stood back then that you must be a bit out of your mind, when you went in full alpine gear and diving equipment into the mysterious canyon of a stream that flew into a larger river.  


Today, the story is completely different. Canyoning is a recreational activity, which is carried out in technically equipped canyons and streams, which are safe and where one can predict the following events. Equipment is comfortable, light and appropriate for cooler waters. It was not like this in the past. It is typical for canyons in Slovenia, that they are located on the north-western part of Slovenia, especially in the hilly area, where rivers created magical river trails. Prevailing limestone rocks and water create beautiful colours. This is mostly so in the canyons located on the very west of Slovenia: Fratarica, Predilnica, Mostnica, Kozjak, Susec and numerous other streams that flow into rivers Koritnica and Soca. Slovenia is a paradise for safe and relatively easy exploration of canyons. Canyoning is in Slovenia one of the most popular activities in the summer time, also due to the fact that canyons are extremely beautiful, diverse, full of waterfalls and deep pools. If you are at least a bit of a researcher, nature lover and you like to do something wild and sportive, then canyoning in Slovenia is the right thing for you.


Depending on the time of the year, it is all up to the water flow, which influences how much pleasure there is in canyoning. This mostly depends on the amount of snow in the Julian Alps and late summer rainfall. It is not good to have too much rainfall as well as a dry summer. Canyoning is great, if there is a sufficient amount of water. There is no better feeling than when you descend on a ten meters long natural slide and plunge into a deep pool of emerald coloured water. If you are in luck and happen to find yourself in Slovenia, a magical land on the very beginning of the European Alps, then there is no other way but to put canyoning on your to-do list. Many things can change, but especially you are filled with a good feeling, that you have done something big and worthwhile. It is worth to visit Slovenia at least once in your lifetime and descend through one of its marvellous canyons.

 Matej Mejovšek

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