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    Fratarica Canyoning - Bovec

    Canyoning in Fratarica near Bovec, Triglav National Park, Slovenia. You will enjoy one of the most beautiful canyons in Slovenia.

    Duration: 3-4 hrs + transfer

    Location: Bovec, Triglav National park

    Dates: April – November

    Price: 95,00 eur/person

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    Predilnica Canyon - Bovec

    Predilnica is one of the most popular canyon in Slovenia. It offers jumping into emerald pools, rappelling down high cliffs and sliding through squiggly water slides.

    Location: Bovec, Triglav National Park

    Duration: 3-4 hrs + transfer

    Dates: April – October

    Price: 95,00 eur/person

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    Grmecica Canyoning - Bled

    Great canyon close to Bled. It takes you into an area which you can’t see any other way and which is almost completely unaffected by people.

    Location: Bled, Slovenia

    Duration: 2-3 hrs + transfer

    Dates: April – October

    Price: 60,00 eur/person

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    Jereka Canyoning - Bohinj

    Slides, rappels and nice nature – the perfect canyon to get to know the basics of canyoning. Canyoning for everybody!

    Location: Bled & Bohinj

    Duration: 2-3 hrs + transfer

    Dates: April – October

    Price: 60,00 eur/person

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    Susec Canyoning - Bovec

    Sušec Canyon is a big natural playground near Bovec where waterfalls and small pools are ideal for deep water jumping. It is an ideal choice for an introduction to canyoning.

    Location: Bovec, Slovenia

    Duration: 6-8 hrs

    Dates: May – October

    Price: 55,00 eur/person

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    Učja River Walking & Swiming

    River Walking in Učja river is one of the nicest ways to explore beautiful Alpine rivers of Slovenia and pristine nature. It is adventure for everybody!

    Locations: Učja canyon, Bovec

    Duration: 3h + transfer

    Dates: April – October

    Price: 68,00 eur/person

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    Canyoning - Great Family Time

    Family Canyoning is designed to give you the opportunity to learn how to go trough a canyon and for the kids to have a great & safe time canyoning. It is a natural playground no artificial aqua-park can match.

    Location: Bled or Bovec

    Duration: 3 hrs + Transfer

    Dates: April – October

    Price: 60,00 eur / person

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    Canyoning - Team Building Course

    If you are preparing people to be brave in business, give them a taste of risk. Great team building – canyoning, rappelling and rope maneuvers.

    Location: Bovec or Bled area

    Duration: 3-4 hrs + transfer

    Dates: April – October

    Price: 88,00 eur/person. Min. 6 people in a group. Max. 30 people.

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    Great Canyoning Adventure

    Weekend Canyoning Adventure around Julian Alps. You will spend a great time in the outdoors with the best canyoning spot and friendly guides. The best option for real canyoners.

    Location: Bled & Bovec area

    Duration: 3 days / 3 canyons (Grmečica, Fratarica & Globoški potok)

    Dates: April – October

    Price: 365,00 eur/person. Accommodation, transfrer, … included.

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    Full Canyoning day with lunch

    If you are at least a bit of a researcher, nature lover and you like to do something wild and sportive, then Full canyoning day is the right adventure for you.

    Location: Predilnica (from top to village)

    Duration: 6-8 hours + transfer

    Dates: April – October

    Price: 128,00 eur/person. Min. 3 people in a group.