2016 Canyoning Season in Slovenia was Great!

Canyoning in Slovenia is one of those activities, which offers an excellent dose of summer adrenaline and exploration, all dependent on the weather, temperatures and water level – its power and height. The best feelings while canyoning are those, when you feel safe in a cool canyon, with a sufficient amount of water running by you and the summer day out there is hot as usual. Well, this is exactly what was happening this year in the canyons of the Julian Alps and in the Triglav National Park, where most of our canyoning takes place. 
This summer is considered as one unforgettable season, for it was excellent for canyon exploration. Hot summer days, good amount of water and stable weather, without those typical afternoon storms. This is why we were enjoying ourselves in the canyons almost every day and several times per day as well. We have mostly visited Fratarica and Predelica Canyon with our guests, the two canyons that lie in the western part of Slovenia, as well as Kozjak Canyon at Kobarid and Sušec in the Bovec area. We have researched a lot and enjoyed the pleasures of canyoning in the “jumpy” Grmecica canyon in Bled area and easy level Jereka canyon close to Bohinj. This summer was truly a canyoning bliss and our guests enjoyed the true form of exploring the marvelous and pure tributaries of Soca and Sava rivers.


We are proud to have thrilled over a thousand guests and to have safely carried them through numerous canyons in Slovenia. Our guides have shown the greatest measure of professionalism, we have strived to be the best and to offer the best “grip” and pleasures, use the highest quality equipment and use the natural resources to the greatest extent, offering unforgettable and avanturistic stories. Slovenia is full of small pearls – experiences and canyoning is absolutely one of the most beautiful ones and certainly most adventurous.
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